【Conference】Contribution of Area Studies to Global Challenges in Africa


Dates: 3 – 4 December, 2018
Venue : BULAC, Room RJ 34
65 rue des Grands Moulins75013 Paris

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Registration mandatory : ffj@ehess.fr

Building on the success of the first France-Japan Area Studies Forum held in Kyoto on 1–3 December 2017, the 2nd joint conference will be held in Paris on 3–4 December 2018.
Kyoto University and EHESS signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Cooperation and Exchange in May 2015. Since then, there has been an active exchange of individual scholars between the two institutions. The France-Japan Area Studies Forum was the first opportunity to interact with each other on an institutional level. With common perspective on strengthening partnership, the Forum was held Under the two themes: “New Spatiality on Asian and African Area Studies” and “Voices for The Future: African Area Studies in a Globalizing World.” The Forum aimed to re-conceptualize ideas about “spatiality” or “area,” in order to better understand the globalizing forces that shape contemporary issues in Africa. Knowledge and insights relating to a wide range of global issues were shared at this conference attended by over 100 participants.
For the 2nd joint conference, the following two themes have been selected as priority issues for both universities. The discussions that will ensue as a result of this forum will not only provide opportunities to enhance academic partnership between Kyoto University and EHESS, but also encourage researchers to explore new ways to advance African studies globally.


Monday 3 December, 2018

Rethinking the Interdisciplinary Frontier of African Studies

10:10- 10:30
Opening & Introductory Speech
Eloi Ficquet, Associate Professor, EHESS, Cahier d’Etudes Africaines, Editor-in-Chief, Cahier d’Etudes Africaine, scientific director of the Asia-Africa program at the FFJ

Masayoshi Shigeta, Professor, Center for African Area Studies

Workshop “Cahiers d’études africaines – Interdisciplinary and Long-term
Perspectives on African Landscapes

Session 1: Crossing Earth Sciences and Human Sciences Studies on the Evolution and the Current Transformations of the Lower Awash Basin, Afar Region, Ethiopia.
Eloi Ficquet, Associate Professor, EHESS
Cécile Doubre, Researcher, Strasbourg University
Session 2: Environmental Changes and Rural Dynamics in West Africa
Catherine Mering, Professor, Paris Diderot University
Tidiane Sané, Ziguinchor, Researcher-Lecturer, Ziguinchor University, Senegal
Discussant: Shuichi Oyama, Associate Professor, Kyoto University

Roundtable “Urbanization and Mobility in African Cities”
Kae Amo, Researcher, The Fondation France-Japon, EHESS
Yumiko Yamamoto, Associate researcher, The Fondation France-Japon, EHESS
Comments: Beatriz Fernandez, Associate Professor, EHESS
Comments: Daisuke Mizoguchi, Resident Director, Nairobi Research Station, JSPS
Discussant: Motoki Takahashi, Professor, Kyoto University

Roundtable on Current Trends and Debates on Humanitarian
Studies in Africa
Presentation of Activities of the French Red Cross Foundation
Virginie Troit, FCRF
Vincent Léger, FCRF.
Presentation of the Journal Alternatives Humanitaires / Humanitarian Alternatives
Boris Martin, Editor in chief of the journal
Presentation of the Supplementary Issue of African Studies Monographs, 53, 2017 on “Localization of Humanitarian Assistance Frameworks for East African Pastoralists”
Akira Takada, Associate Professor, Kyoto University


Tuesday 4 December, 2018

Africa is facing many serious challenges that require us to analyze multiple factors

cutting across national and regional boundaries. The aim of this symposium is to grasp and examine the globalizing forces that shape contemporary issues in Africa from the perspective of area studies. We have selected three global challenges faced by African society today: the environmental and ecological impacts on local livelihoods by global climate change and large-scale resource development (environmental challenges), the influence of external/ international organizations and NGOs on local communities through developmental aids (developmental challenges ), and the influence of rapid social changes on cultural diversity in relation to inheritance of knowledge, technologies, languages and values (cultural challenges). These challenges are seen either as “failures” of African society in adopting to modern institutions or as necessities to return to “indigenous” values and livelihoods. Instead of falling into extreme dualism, each presenter aims at examining cultural dynamics and social practices as constant processes of negotiations between African society and modern interventions.

Welcoming Speech

Romain Huret, Vice-President at EHESS

Panel 1: Environmental Challenges

10:10 – 12:00
Gen Yamakoshi, Assocaite Professor, Center for African Area Studies
Masayoshi Shigeta, Professor, Center for African Area Studies
Hiroki Sato, Assistant Professor, Center for African Area Studies
Hajanirina Rakotomanana, Professor, University of Antananarivo, Madagascar
Kaoru Kitajima, Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture
Rhett Harrison, Senior Research Fellow, World Agroforestry Centre, Zambia
Discussant: Frédéric Joulian, Assocaite Professor, EHESS, CNE

Panel 2: Developmental Challenges

13:30 – 15:00
Motoki Takahashi, Professor, Center for African Area Studies
Shuichi Oyama, Associate Professor, Center for African Area Studies
Morie Kaneko, Associate Professor, Center for African Area Studies
Discussant: Kae Amo, Researcher, Fondation France-Japan, EHESS

Panel 3: Cultural Challenges

15:30 – 17:00
Akira Takada, Associate Professor, Center for African Area Studies
Misa Hirano, Associate Professor, Center for African Area Studies
Discussant: Eloi Ficquet, Assocaite Professor, EHESS



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